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September 10, 2015by AndersenEMS0

As the fall season begins and brings with it football season and back to school and trees turning beautiful colors, it also brings cooler weather, which means it’s time for a heating system tune-up. The best time for heating system repair in Charlotte is now, before the weather gets cold. You can save time and money by scheduling heating system maintenance earlier. Waiting until the weather gets cold to schedule maintenance means HVAC technicians will be busy with customers who need emergency repairs and you may have to wait longer to get an appointment. If you wait until your heating system breaks down, you may have to wait in the cold for a while until a technician can get out to your home. That’s why the best time to call Andersen Heating and Cooling for heating system repair in Charlotte is now.

Clean Air from your HVAC System

One good reason to have your heating system repaired is to breathe cleaner air in your home. This is especially important if you or anyone in your home suffers from allergies. You can replace your filters regularly to keep dust and dirt out of your heating system, but even so, your HVAC system will still accumulate dirt over time. An HVAC technician can clean the interior and exterior coils and drain pans of your system to reduce excess dirt and dust. Not only will a cleaner HVAC system produce cleaner air, but it will run more efficiently as well.

Saving Energy = Saving Money on Home Energy Costs

When your heating system gets a tune-up, it runs more efficiently, meaning it uses less energy to heat your home. When your heating system uses less energy, your energy bill goes down. Depending on what energy source your heating system uses, that could mean you save electricity, natural gas, propane, heating oil, etc.

Prevent Unexpected Heating and Air Repairs

Whether or not you like surprises, the kind of surprise nobody likes is a heating system breakdown on a cold day. You don’t want to be waiting in the cold for a technician to come and repair your heating and air in Charlotte. A heating system tune-up will help keep your heating system running smoothly. The essential parts are inspected, cleaned, and repaired if necessary.

In the unfortunate event that you do need an emergency repair, Andersen Heating and Cooling is available 7 days a week, even after hours. Andersen has been providing heating system repair in Charlotte for more than 30 years. With a great reputation for reliable customer service, Andersen is a name you can trust. Sign up for a Preferred Maintenance plan with Andersen and enjoy other perks such as 15% discount on repairs, priority service, and loyalty rewards. Visit our heating and air system maintenance page for more information or to schedule a tune up today.

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