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October 20, 2015by AndersenEMS0

Every year in Charlotte as the weather gets cooler we finally admit that it is time to switch our thermostats over to heat. Many wait as long as possible in an attempt to save money, trying to avoid the rising energy bill that they know is coming. But when it comes to saving money on heating costs, there is a better way. An HVAC maintenance plan for your heat and air conditioning is more affordable than one or two monthly energy bills. Maintenance is basically a tune-up for your heating system. An HVAC technician will inspect and clean your heating unit so that it is working at top efficiency. When your heat is in good working order it uses less energy and is less likely to break down or require costly repairs. Save money this winter with a Preferred Maintenance Agreement from Andersen Heating and Cooling.

Meticulous Inspection and testing of your heating system means we miss nothing

Our preventative maintenance technicians are careful to inspect every part of your heating unit to be sure nothing is worn out or broken. You will be notified of any parts that are worn or wearing out. All moving parts are lubricated to make sure they stay in good working order. Items we inspect include, but are not limited to: thermostat, motors, gas pressure, flue, and heat exchanger. We test safety controls, operating pressure, compressor, defrost cycle, and auxiliary heat. The testing of safety controls is particularly important because, as the name suggests, they preserve the safety of your home and family. No aspect of your system goes unchecked.

Thorough cleaning improves efficiency

One of the biggest causes of heating system inefficiency is dirt and dust build-up. When filters get clogged with dirt, air flow is weak, causing the system to work harder or quit running. Indoor and outdoor coils get dirty which slows the process of heating or cooling air. Condensation drains can get clogged with dirt or mildew, which can cause excess indoor humidity.. Not only does dirt and dust negatively affect the efficiency of your heating system, but the safety as well. A dirty heating system is an unnecessary fire risk. Our technicians perform a thorough cleaning process that restores your heat to like-new condition, saving you energy and money.

The best time to schedule heating maintenance in Charlotte is in the fall

It is best to schedule maintenance before you even have to turn your heat on for the season. Once your system has been inspected and cleaned, it is ready for the next few months of frequent use. When you make your appointment in the fall, it will be easier to get a time that works for you.. Early heating maintenance in Charlotte will help you avoid expensive emergency repairs during the harsh winter months, and Preferred Maintenance Agreement customers receive priority scheduling and a discount on repair parts and labor

Being a preferred maintenance customer with Andersen has advantages

When you sign up for a Preferred Maintenance Agreement with Andersen, you enjoy additional perks. Along with your two tune-ups each year, you have the benefit of priority service and a 15% discount on repairs in the unfortunate event that your heating system fails. You also qualify for our loyalty rewards program which earns you credit toward new heating and cooling equipment. Our Preferred Maintenance Agreements are affordable and we offer a monthly payment plan for your convenience. Sign up or call (704) 596-2525 for a Preferred Maintenance plan.

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