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November 13, 2015by AndersenEMS0

Signs you need Furnace Repair in Charlotte

When you first turn on your heat for the season, you may find that it isn’t running quite right after months of non-use. There are signs to look for that indicate your furnace may need some repairs before the cold sets in for the winter:

Smell of burning dust. Often when you turn on your heat for the first time in months you will notice a slight burning smell. While it is not an immediate danger, it may indicate that your system needs to be cleaned. If ignored, the dust build-up could have the potential to be a fire hazard.

Unusual noises. If your system is making unusual noises or seems noisier than usual, it may be that parts are wearing out or something is loose. Having these parts repaired when you first notice the sound could prevent a near future breakdown.

Uneven heating. Do some rooms in your home feel warmer than others? If so, there may be a problem with your furnace or the ductwork. Blocked ducts can impede air flow to certain areas of your home. If you have multiple zones in your home, you may have a problem with dampers opening and closing.

Dry or dusty air. Winter air is typically drier than summer air, but if it seems drier than usual, it may mean your furnace isn’t working efficiently. Excessive dust in the air and on surfaces may indicate a problem as well. It could simply be dirty filters, but if you’ve replaced them recently and the dust still flies, you should consider calling a professional HVAC service.

Rising gas bill. If that first natural gas bill seems higher than you remember, it’s most likely due to an inefficient furnace. A tune-up can significantly improve the energy efficiency of your heating system.

Routine Maintenance can prevent furnace problems

Most of these furnace issues can be repaired by an HVAC professional. However, they could be prevented with routine maintenance. As with any machine, furnaces need yearly tune-ups in order to run smoothly. A furnace tune-up involves inspecting, cleaning, and repairing all parts to make sure everything is in good working order. Cleaning can be one of the most important parts. Build-up of dirt and dust can severely impede performance. You can lower your gas bill by having yearly maintenance done on your heating system, preferably before the weather gets cold. It’s better to be prepared than to find yourself without heat on a cold day or night. Andersen Heating and Cooling offers a Preferred Maintenance Agreement that include extra benefits like a 15% discount on repairs, priority service, loyalty rewards, and more.

Furnace Replacement can save you money

If you find that your furnace needs frequent repairs and that it is older than 8 years, you may want to consider replacement. When your heating unit shows any of the signs listed above, it is possible that repair is not an option or simply not the best option. A new furnace will be much more efficient than one that is a decade old or older. And there are more efficient heating products available such as heat pumps and hybrid systems. If you are unsure if repair or replacement is the right choice, Andersen Heating and Cooling can help. We have more than 30 years of experience with furnace repair in Charlotte, and we can help you make the right choice. If you decide on replacement, we offer financing options to ease the burden on your budget. Schedule service online or call 704-596-2525.

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