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March 24, 2016by Dave Bowen0


Springtime in Charlotte brings some great weather our way! We just had a week of temperature in the 80s and already got to switch over to our air conditioning for the year. Andersen is here to remind you of some of the things to keep in mind during the Spring season to protect your home from the elements. The arrival of Spring brings a lot of changes to Charlotte- warm weather, pollen season and, of course, Spring showers.


Follow these tips from Andersen Heating & Cooling to start the warm weather off right:

  • Preventative maintenance can solve problems before you know they exist and prevent major repairs from becoming necessary. It is always advised to get a checkup before each big weather change (2+ times a year).
  • New thermostats have changed the temperature control game! Andersen Heating & Cooling can install a precise thermometer for you to program the temperature settings of your home.
  • Allergies from pollen and other outdoor seasonal allergens (and non-seasonal pollutants) can be taken care of with the a high efficiency filtration system. If your nose is stuffy or you get headaches in your home, consider giving Andersen a call to give your home a full indoor air quality checkup. We will solve your allergy problems with targeted solutions!
  • Protecting your home is about more than HVAC- the Spring showers can do some damage. Be sure to get your siding and window panels checked, along with your roof to assure there is no way water can get in your home. We are forecast for a lot of rain the next few weeks, stay safe!


Andersen Heating & Cooling Solutions for You

Hopefully these tips help you and your family out in your homes this Spring. Andersen Heating & Cooling is motivated by providing excellent solutions for customers, no matter what the problem is. Call us to talk about what else you can do for your home and what services we provide to get you where you want to be.


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