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September 19, 2016by AndersenEMS0

gas or electric stoveWhen you turn on the heat, warm, comfortable air begins to circulate through your home. You probably don’t stop to think about what actually makes this possible. In fact, most homeowners don’t even think about energy until they get the monthly bill.

Your HVAC system uses energy to keep your home warm. For the vast majority of heating systems, your energy will be either gas or electric. Knowing what kind of energy you use will help you maintain your equipment and better prepare for monthly costs. Andersen Heating and Cooling can help you determine which system is best for you and your family.

The Differences Between Gas or Electric

Central air conditioning and heating systems typically have a furnace for heat. Furnaces can have their power be either gas or electric. Gas-powered furnaces are typically more expensive to install, yet have lower costs of operation. This is because natural gas is a good bit less expensive than pure electricity, which electric systems exclusively rely on. However, using only electricity subjects electric furnaces to less wear and tear, extending their lifespans. Although gas furnaces may have greater maintenance costs, they provide more steady heat, particularly in colder climates.

What Kind of Heating System Do I Have in Charlotte?

The most direct way to determine what kind of system you have is to look at what it’s connected to. Gas furnaces need a supply of natural gas, and that supply comes through a gas line. If you can follow a black iron pipe that travels from the side of your furnace to an external hook-up on the side of your house, you’ve most likely found your gas line. If all you see are connections to electric power sources, you have an electric furnace. Sometimes your home may be heated by a package system which is located outside the home. They follow the same criteria and can be gas/electric or heat pump. Split system heat pumps are also electric systems, but are located outside like an air conditioner and perform a similar function. They provide both heating and cooling, whereas your air conditioner outside is used for cooling only.

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