BlogHow Zoned HVAC Will Save You Money This Winter in Charlotte, NC

January 10, 2017by AndersenEMS

zoned HVAC One of the most common concerns with residential HVAC is the cost. Many homeowners throughout the Charlotte, NC, area are constantly asking “Why is my heating bill so high?” or “How can I save money on energy costs this winter?”. These are valid questions, and fortunately Andersen Heating & Cooling has some answers. Zoned HVAC systems are effective and affordable solutions for saving energy.

Zoned HVAC: What is it?

Most central HVAC systems work by circulating conditioned air throughout the entire home or building. This means that air with the same temperature, humidity and airflow is transferred equally throughout all areas of the house. Zoned HVAC alters this process so that air with different conditions can be independently moved to different areas of the home. For instance, the master bedroom could be set to 70 degrees while the rest of the home is set at 68 degrees. This is typically achieved through the use of a programmable or smart thermostat with more advanced functions and features.

How does zoning save money?

A heating system must be efficient in order to save money on heating costs, and this is exactly what zoning offers. The ability to optimize the distribution of heat throughout the home means that energy is only used where it is most needed. Heating systems are designed to keep people, not rooms, warm. That means heat should be focused on living areas where people actually need it. Zoning allows you to heat the master bedroom at a higher temperature for cold winter nights, while the basement or empty bedrooms can either be at a lower temperature or not heated at all. This minimizes energy waste and maximizes efficiency, saving you money this winter.

If you don’t have zoned HVAC, you could be missing out on serious savings this winter. Call Andersen Heating & Cooling for your system upgrade today!


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