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July 24, 2017by AndersenEMS

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What could be worse than coming inside from a hot, muggy day only to find it feels no different in your home? That’s exactly what can happen if your home’s humidity levels aren’t properly managed. Read on for Andersen Heating & Cooling’s 4 tips to reduce humidity in Charlotte.

Try a smart thermostat

Most smart thermostat models come equipped with humidity level controls, making it easy to control your home’s comfort. Smart thermostats also offer remote control capability with your smartphone so you can change the humidity before you walk in the door. These thermostats are the ultimate in HVAC convenience for homeowners.

Set thermostat to AUTO

Your thermostat most likely has two fan settings: ON and AUTO. For most homeowners, it would seem logical to set the thermostat to ON. However, this runs the fan even when cool air isn’t blowing, causing moist air to blow constantly through you home. Reduce humidity by setting your fan to AUTO this summer.

Reduce humidity with air vents

The air vents in your home provide an excellent built-in system to reduce humidity. Run the fan when taking a hot shower in order to vent the humid air to the outdoors. In addition, use your kitchen vents to move moisture from boiling water out of the home. This can do wonders to keep your home cool and comfortable.

Duct inspection in Charlotte

Even the smallest cracks and holes in your ductwork can have a huge impact on your comfort this summer in Charlotte. Cracks allow cool air to exit your ductwork and go to waste while warm, humid air from the crawlspace or attic makes its way inside. When this happens, it’s only a matter of time before your home feels like a rainforest. Schedule a ductwork inspection with Andersen Heating & Cooling so we can repair any damage and detect any other potential HVAC issues.

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