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March 26, 2018by AndersenEMS

better indoor air quality
Spring is here in Charlotte, NC, and that means allergies will soon be a problem for many of us throughout the area. But is there a way to enjoy spring without constant allergy symptoms? Here are Andersen Heating & Cooling’s top 5 tips for better indoor air quality this spring.

Keep windows closed this spring

No matter how nice it may feel outside, it’s better to use A/C than to open the windows for home cooling. While air conditioning delivers cool, clean air to your home, open windows allow millions of allergens and particles to make their way inside.

Spring air conditioner maintenance from Andersen Heating & Cooling

Of course, your air conditioner can only perform well if it receives regular maintenance. Schedule your spring maintenance with Andersen Heating & Cooling today! We’ll make sure that dust, mold, mildew and debris are cleaned out of your system so they don’t ruin your home’s air quality this spring in Charlotte.

Better indoor air quality with a clean home

Spring cleaning may be a chore, but it’s actually essential for better indoor air quality! By dusting your home and washing sheets and furniture covers, you’ll remove dust that can allow spring allergies to take over your home.

Clean air filters

Clean air filters are excellent at keeping allergens and particles from polluting the air in your home. On the other hand, if you haven’t changed your filter in over a month, you could be allowing all that dust to circulate through your home. Make the first of the month “Filter Change Day” in your house so you never forget!

Pets and allergies in Charlotte, NC

If your family includes some four-legged members, make sure they’re on your spring cleaning checklist! Regularly bathe your dogs and cats, and try to keep them off of your furniture and bedding if possible. This will reduce the amount of allergens in your home and help you breathe easier this spring in Charlotte.

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