Tips and AdviceShould I Change My Own Capacitor in Charlotte, NC? It’s Easy, Right?

August 14, 2018by AndersenEMS

DIY projects can be a worthwhile endeavor. Painting your own home, hanging curtain rods, and repairing door frames are just a few DIY projects that can save you the expense of hiring help in Charlotte. But certain projects, like working on your air conditioner should not be attempted unless you have specific knowledge, licensing, and experience working with potentially dangerous elements, such as electricity.

Which Capacitor?

Simply put, the capacitor is a device used to store energy. Depending on your type of air conditioning unit, you may have more than one type of capacitor. First, you’ll need to determine which capacitor is faulty. It’s best to call your HVAC technician at Andersen Heating & Cooling to evaluate your air conditioner’s performance and determine whether your capacitor needs replacing.

OEM Parts

If you do have a faulty capacitor, then you’ll need to make sure you replace the old capacitor with an equivalent replacement. Capacitors have certain technical characteristics, such as load voltage and tolerance, and it’s crucial that the new capacitor has the same technical specifications. Many air conditioner brands prefer and even require you to use OEM parts (Original Equipment Manufacturer). Also, there are varying levels of quality and warranty period for capacitors. To determine the type of capacitor you need, you’ll need to turn off the power and use a voltage tester to make sure electricity is not still flowing. Electrical currents can cause serious injury or death, so it’s best to call a professional.

Andersen’s Highly Trained Technicians

Let a professional determine the type of capacitor that needs replacing as well as do the actual installation. Not only would you have to ensure that you are not in danger of being electrocuted, but it is crucial that the capacitor is installed correctly. Capacitors work with multiple components on your AC unit; the condenser fan motor, the compressor, or even a dual run capacitor which handle both. If you install the wrong type capacitor or reconnect the wires incorrectly, you risk damage to all. Unless you’re a licensed HVAC technician, you risk voiding your manufacturer’s warranty too.

Trust Your Home to Andersen

Capacitors don’t come with an instruction manual and, if done incorrectly, you could cause expensive damage to your AC unit. A professional is best suited to make sure your air conditioning unit is running smoothly and efficiently.


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