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February 28, 2018by AndersenEMS

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With the current warmer weather in Charlotte, you wouldn’t believe that we just experienced record colds this winter! It’s clear that spring is fast approaching, and soon it will be too warm for heat- but not quite cool enough for A/C, either. So, how can you stay comfortable in this in-between period? Andersen Heating & Cooling has the comfort tips you need.

Cook indoors & outdoors

Cooking generates a large amount of heat, and this can actually raise the temperature of your home. While this is a good thing in winter, in early spring it can make things uncomfortable. Try grilling outside during warm days and cooking in the kitchen on cool nights to maximize your comfort this spring.

Change fan direction

If you want to stay comfortable without having to turn on the A/C just yet, try using your ceiling fans. Run your fan in the forward, or counter-clockwise, direction to circulate cool air throughout your rooms. And if temperatures begin to drop again, just switch the fan to reverse to circulate warm air!

Cover up at night

This time of year in Charlotte brings warmer days and cooler nights. Therefore, an extra blanket can be your best friend when it comes to comfort. Whether you’re lounging on the couch or hitting the hay, grab a comforter or throw blanket instead of turning up the heat.

Use your window blinds

Use the sun to your advantage! On cooler days, open your window blinds to let in sunlight and heat your home. Then, when temperatures begin to rise, just close the blinds again!

Space heaters in Charlotte, NC

Any Charlotte homeowner knows that spring can often bring 80 degree days and 40 degree evenings within the same week. So, it’s important to have a supplemental heating option in case things get chilly at night. Use space heaters on extra-cold nights to keep warm without having to turn on your furnace.

Comfort tips from Andersen Heating & Cooling

Check back soon for more helpful energy saving and comfort tips from Andersen Heating & Cooling!


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