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January 11, 2019by AndersenEMS

Remember when you used to walk to a neighbor’s house to ask if they had a recommendation for a certain type of service providers, such as a heating and air contractor? Or maybe you called some friends from work or church. Word of mouth has always been the best advertising a company could ask for. But, word of mouth is very different today. Now people turn to neighborhood social media apps and websites entirely devoted to home contractor reviews. While many people would still prefer to ask their friend or neighbor, these websites are an invaluable tool when searching for a home contractor. Before you turn on the internet and begin your search, keep in mind a few things to look for when you read online contractor reviews.

Thirty or More Reviews is a “Must”

You’ve probably heard the phrase, “There’s safety in numbers.” This is especially true with online reviews. With online reviews, it is common to run across a few wayward reviews, both good and bad, but when a contractor has a long list of reviews then it’s more likely you can trust the company. When researching a contractor, look for a contractor who has thirty or more reviews. Sure, a contractor could have asked a few of his buddies to post a review for him, but when you see a large number of reviews, you’ll know that these reviews are from real clients.

Most, But Not All, Should Be Positive

Ideally, who wouldn’t love to come across a contractor who has nothing but glowing reviews? Could this happen? Sure, but more than likely there will be a couple of bad reviews thrown in the mix. What’s important is that most of the company’s reviews are positive. If you see positive reviews for a contractor with a minimum of 30 or more, it should increase your confidence when hiring the contractor.

What About the Bad Ones?

You may come across one or two reviews that don’t sound too promising, maybe downright disconcerting. That’s okay, it happens! As long as the contractor can offer an explanation or response to the bad review. Remember, there are always people that can find something wrong with everything. They just can’t be satisfied. Unfortunately, it seems those people are eager to post bad reviews too. That’s why it’s best to look at the overall pool of reviews: Amount of good to bad, take a look at the contractor’s star rating.

Recent Reviews

Don’t forget to check the dates on the reviews too. While it’s nice to see some reviews that are older (everyone likes experience), you want to make sure that the contractor is still active and the reviews are current. Andersen Heating & Cooling takes great pride in their work for the Charlotte community. Take a look at our reviews for yourself, see why more and more people “Trust Their Home to Andersen!”

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