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May 20, 2020by Dev

Clean air is important for your health. Everyone knows that and most people probably think the air they breathe in their home is clean. Maybe you change your air filters regularly and have regular HVAC maintenance done? That’s great! Both of these things keep your HVAC system running efficiently and effectively and that makes a big difference in your air quality. Have you ever considered have a UV light installed on your heating and air conditioning system?

But for people that suffer from allergies or other respiratory issues, such as asthma, changing air filters and having regular maintenance performed may not be enough. Air purifiers are an added layer of protection against allergens and dust. But, what about mold, bacteria, and viral particles? 

Viral particles are on the forefront of many people’s minds with the onslaught of the COVID-19 pandemic. Coronavirus is a virus that can be passed through particles in the air. Do air purifiers protect against these types of viral particles?

Air purifiers are an effective way to trap pollutants in the air in your home, but they do not work against mold, bacteria, and viruses unless you purchase an air purifier that utilizes Ultraviolet Light. UV lights have long been recognized as an effective preventer of mold, bacteria, and viruses.  

While the CDC has not definitively confirmed that ultraviolet lights used in conjunction with your HVAC system can effectively kill COVID-19, ultraviolet lights have been shown to kill a multitude of bacteria and viruses in the past. Continue to monitor the CDC website for more information about ultraviolet lights and COVID-19.


Are UV Lights a Good Investment for Your Charlotte Home?

Yes! They are known to help prevent mold, mildew, and harmful bacteria and viruses. This is always a good thing for your home and your business. It brings peace of mind to parents and business owners that they are providing the cleanest air possible to their family and customers. Andersen Heating & Cooling strives to provide the highest quality products for their customers.  We proudly install the UV line of products from Phenomenal Aire, click here for more information. 


Do They Really Work?

UV Lights send out low-frequency ultraviolet radiation. UV Lights sanitize the air by killing microbes and other organic pollutants. There are two types of UV Lights. The first type is a Coil UV Light. Indoor air conditioner coils are prone to moisture and a buildup of debris where mold and bacteria and grow. The UV lights are placed near the indoor evaporator coil so that they shine directly on the coils and kill the viruses, bacteria, and mold that build up from the air passing over the coil. 

The second type of UV Light is air sanitizing lights. These UV lamps are placed directly inside the ductwork to kill airborne particles.  Since Covid-19 is so new; there are no current testing results, but you can learn more about Phenomenal Aire’s products and how they work by clicking here.


Reach to the professionals at Andersen Heating & Cooling; we can provide information that will you make the most informed decision for your home or business. You can’t go wrong with added layers of protection to the air you breathe.


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