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September 6, 2022by Dev

The smell of pine trees and the cold air are often associated with winter by many people. For others, it’s the scent they notice when the heating in the house is turned back on for the winter. Many homeowners may worry that something is wrong with their heating system when a strange smell starts to come from their system.

Heating systems often remain unused throughout the spring and summer seasons. Because the air conditioning system is used during the springtime, summertime, dust and other debris will accumulate in the heating coils and will begin to burn off when the system is used for the first time.

The scent of a heater’s burning is not overly unusual. As long as you don’t smell burning for more than a day, however if the smell continues for longer than that you may need to have the system inspected by an HVAC professional.


Is there a way to avoid dust build up?

Some homeowners are not bothered by the burning smell on their furnace after the system has been on, but others may want to avoid it altogether . Although you should not worry about or enjoy the odor because it’s standard, there are some steps you could take to reduce the odor.

Prior to the next heating season, arrange a furnace service. The service will clean out your heating system interior, thereby reducing the initial burning smell. As long as your heating system is in service for the very first cold day and you want to keep the burning scent at a minimum, have your heating system serviced before the season starts.

Change your furnace filter after having it cleaned. Fresh filters can capture dust in order that it does not continue to circulate into your living areas, causing the smell to linger. A clean filter will allow steady ventilation, thus diminishing the smell.

What to look for that’s out of the norm?

If your heater produces a burning smell when first turned on, it’s normal. If you smell a distinct burning odor when using your furnace throughout the year, this is cause for concern.

Wiring insulation may be the cause of a burning plastic smell if your heating system suffers from an electrical fault. Turn off the heater and contact your furnace repairman.

If a faulty component is found in your heating system, a burning smell could result. Call your HVAC specialist to have them replaced.

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