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July 1, 2015by AndersenEMS0

New HVAC in Charlotte ncTired of sky-rocketing energy bills? It may be time to evaluate your air conditioning system. Replacing your old unit with a new high-efficiency HVAC system in Charlotte can help lower your energy bills significantly. If your system is over ten years old, it may not be operating efficiently, consuming more energy to keep your indoor temperature comfortable. This results in higher energy bills. According to the Department of Energy, replacing an old air conditioner unit with an energy efficient one could save you 20-40 percent on your home cooling costs. When replacing your central air conditioning unit, look for a SEER number of at least 15. There are some other specific areas to check for energy loss to maximize your cost savings even more.

To Increase Energy Efficiency, Repair Leaks and Seal Cracks and Gaps

Have you noticed that it has been taking longer to cool the rooms in your home? Or maybe the temperature doesn’t reach the comfort level you are used to. The problem may be that the cooled or heated air in your home may be leaking to the outside through cracks or gaps around windows or doors. Seal those areas with caulk or weather stripping to provide the best insulation for your home. This simple procedure may improve the situation and help your air conditioning unit get back to efficiency. However, if your AC unit or furnace is nearing the end of its service life, it may not be able to be restored to its original capability or efficiency and may need to be replaced.

HVAC Systems in Charlotte Need to Be Installed by a Certified HVAC Professional

Proper installation is critical to getting the performance you expect from your new HVAC system. A certified, trained and experienced technician from Andersen Heating and Cooling will perform an industry-approved sizing calculation and make sure ducts don’t have any hard bends, kinks, or excessive lengths. The installer will also check the air ducts for leakage as well and verify the airflow across the coil in each room. Not having the specialized installation of your Central Air Conditioning Unit can result in malfunctions, inefficiencies, and even unhealthy air quality. lists some reasons why it is important to hire a professional to fit and install a new HVAC system.

“An improperly sized or installed HVAC system can leak deadly carbon monoxide or other toxins into a home, cost you much more money, promote mold growth that can lead to chronic illness, or start fires. So seek a professional with some certifications such as NATE (North American Technician Excellence). A NATE patch signifies that the contractor employs technicians who have passed this national certification.
One of the most important things an HVAC professional should do is conduct a load calculation to properly size your system. A load calculation should not rely on the size of your house alone. Many variables will determine the size of your system, including the local weather, ventilation needs, windows, insulation levels and more.
If an HVAC professional cannot do a proper load calculation or does not adhere to the Quality Installation Specification, seek one who will. Your health, safety and bank account may depend on it.”

Upgrading your heating and cooling system in Charlotte with a high-efficiency system will save you money in the long run. Andersen Heating & Cooling can help you determine if it’s time for a replacement or if some adjustments, insulation, or other repairs are necessary to restore your unit’s efficiency and lower your utility bills. Contact us today for greater efficiency and lower bills: 704-596-2525.

(Source: Is It Time to Upgrade Your HVAC?,, 2015)

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